CritterZone provides a link exchange as a service to our website visitors. While many listings are of very high quality, CritterZone does not specifically endorse the content or functionality of any of our link partner websites.

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Link Partners - Read Me

1) Link partners must link to our site first with the following title/anchor text (Animal, Nature, Wildlife, Photos, Pictures, Photography, Magnets, Stock).

2) We look for legitimate good link partners with quality websites, especially related but not competing. We will not answer one way link trade requests. Don't bother asking. We evaluate the quality of link partner sites, and do not link out merely to trade links.

3) Our link must be permanently search bot readable, and we check for this. If our periodic bot check finds the link to us missing, that's where yours goes too. We will not trade links with a site where our link cannot be read. Your links page cannot be buried in HTML frames without readable noframes content.

4) We won't link to sites that aren't search engine optimized. At a bare minimum you should have an appropriate title, description and keywords. If the page rank of your links page is zero, it lowers the chances of a link swap with us. Check this as there could be a reason for it like incorrect HTML.

5) If you have a gigantic link directory we'll be lost in, your request could be rejected.

6) We ask for, and will reciprocate, appropriate anchor, title, hot text within links. We will match what you do, so please do it right. If you're not sure what this means, feel free to ask.

7) Only text links will be accepted, no banner ads, graphics or logos.

8) Thanks for reading this.


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