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"Gamera, Guardian of the Universe"
Gamera, Gyaos, kaiju, Heisei Gamera
DVD's, Boxed Set

Recently, I found myself slumped at the computer in an overworked fog. Out of burned out boredom, I decided to search for something fun to blow some hard earned cash on. As a youngster growing up in Kansas City, I’d always enjoyed after school kaiju, daikaiju movies, better known as Japanese giant monsters like Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman. My addiction was a potent one. One afternoon in the mid 70's, I recall a bout of parental grief giving over a doctor visit vs. watching my beloved monster movie! Red-faced and teary-eyed, I muttered, “But, but.. it’s Gamera vs. Hatchet-head today!" It was time to remove a 3-month long foot cast, but Gamera was definitely more important than freedom from crutches! Gamera, X-Plus, Figure, Model, 1996
Gamera, X-Plus, Figure, Model, 1996
Fast forward to age 39. I’d not forgotten how much fun those monster movies were, so I decided to give a couple kaiju flicks a whirl. It seemed like a fun departure from the latest recycled-story Hollywood films. A quick search revealed a ton of Godzilla movies I’d not seen, as well as a 3 part series of Gamera movies made in the late 90’s. My wallet was drawn from its rump pocket holster quicker than a Wild West gunslinger. I sprung for the Gamera boxed set on, which happened to have free shipping, "Sweet!"

Roughly a week later my little bundle of joy arrived at the doorstep. Working at home made it a tough call whether to drop everything and fire up a movie, or be a good citizen and buckle under for a full day's work. Around 3 o'clock temptation took over me like a mind-controlled zombie.

“Gamera, Guardian of the Universe” is the first movie in the series, and the first to land in my DVD player. A couple hours later I pondered how much enjoyment I’d gotten out of giant, flying turtle, Smack Down! Gamera duked it out with his arch-nemesis, Gyaos, a pterodactyl-like creature with a craving for tasty humans. Besides having to deal with Gyaos's laser breath, Gamera has to deal with misguided Japanese military and government officials. Well-developed main characters, fantastic monster effects, and a really good plot make the first movie a blast!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what goes down in the beginning of “Gamera, Guardian of the Universe.”

The film begins with main characters entangled in strange but separate events, one involving a mysterious “bird,” and the other a highly mobile “island.” The stories run in tandem, but you soon realize they're going to collide like a planet smashing asteroid.

After embarking on the mobile atoll, researchers discover some interesting objects. Comma-shaped metal jewelry litters the area, and ancient engravings, or runes, appear on a strange sign, which is embedded in the island. The sign is later translated as a hymn or prayer of sorts, “The last hope, Gamera. We bestow it to the cradle of time. May it waken with Gyaos, the shadow of evil.” Of course we find out just how true this is.

In an act of endangered species preservation, the Japanese government decides to capture three young Gyaos. If only they were so wise in regard to Gamera. Their capture plan involves luring the creatures to a sports stadium with truckloads of juicy cow carcasses. As the Gyaos dine on a substantial snack, the retractable roof is supposed to trap the critters inside. However, the “island” which we now know as Gamera, has a quite different idea about Gyaos.

Enter hordes of tanks, planes, missiles and bombs, Gyaos laser breath vs. Gamera fire breath, fighting, biting and limb tearing. Can you guess who wins?

If you're a kaiju fan, this Heisei-era Gamera boxed set is worth every penny!

"Gamera 2, Attack of Legion" involves a vicious battle for control of the earth where Gamera and a few human friendlies work to destroy a slew of creepy space bugs.

"Gamera 3, Revenge of Iris" pits Gamera against a nasty creature controlled by a vengeful little girl.

I thought the effects in "Gamera, Guardian of the Universe" were good, but G2 and G3 are even better! The monster and military special effects in these movies are extremely good, some of it on par with Jurassic Park CGI animation. It blows away the 60's Showa-era Gamera and Toho Godzilla. New Gamera is much more fierce and realistic looking, like a giant snapping turtle with fangs and elbow spurs. His facial expression, greenish reptilian skin, and body composition look much more like a living creature. You won't be disappointed!

You can buy the movies here as a boxed set with free shipping, or separately, via the links on the upper right.

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